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Is it Time to Shake-up Your Marketing Strategy?

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More Sales Leads from Less Competition?

For marketers, competition can be a good challenge at best and a death sentence at worst. It’s pretty natural to never see it as a good thing. Heck, the only good thing about competition comes from beating it and getting (or perhaps retaining) your market share.

This leads many to think that it’s better to aim for a niche market that’s got no competition to begin with. But is a no-man’s land like that really a likely source of more sales leads? It might as well be like this year’s nominations in the Golden Globe Award for Best Animated Feature Film.

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Lead Generation Tips – Learn Greatly From Great Failures

Never despair when your great software lead generation campaign suddenly comes crashing down to a halt because you mead a spectacular mistake. The consequences might hurt but great failures will always be great opportunities for great learning. Your lead generation campaign is not down for the count just yet! Use that great opportunity to learn in order to raise it back up!

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How Software Lead Generation Can Allow Prospect’s To Test

Several in the software industry are hesitant to have a software lead generation campaign that allows prospects to test first. Why is that? Most often it is because they do not want their lead generation process making the typical mistake of giving their entire product for free. But while that is understandable, there can be ways to keep your prospect from getting stuck in the testing phase and drive them further to purchase the actual thing!

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Lead Generation – Why It Sends Fewer People To Negotiate

One of the advantages of software lead generation is that it reduces the members of a negotiating table. In business, negotiations prior to a sale are quite common even in B2C markets. Perhaps what makes B2B lead generation more serious on the other hand is that these negotiations are longer and have repercussions. Therefore, it only makes sense that a small number is a natural consequence of the lead generation process.

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Telemarketing Tips – Avoid Using It Like A Henchman

When you are using telemarketing in conjunction with event marketing, there are times when businesses use it in the same way classic villains use henchmen after inviting their own ‘investors.’ Obviously, that does not sound good and in fact, their telemarketing counterparts in real life will bring you nothing but trouble. But what exactly are these counterparts and how do you avoid using telemarketing that way by accident?

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Lead Generation Tips – A Prospect’s Position

Discussing a prospect’s position is par for the course in any lead generation campaign. Software companies for example are very specific with which decision makers to target in a prospect company. It also happens to be one of the most difficult stages in the lead generation process. Sometimes a prospect will throw you off or may even be just recently assigned. It is one of the points when information becomes obscure.

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Lead Generation Tips – Do Not Ignore Odd Hybrids

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These days, your lead generation process should not get too used to the usual business prospects for your software products. You never know when you will get a prospect that is like a hybrid result of two different businesses, professions, or even entire industries! Your lead generation should not just be open to potential clients but also to potentially interesting ideas!

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Telemarketing Tips – Set A Balanced Number Of Attempts

You do not necessarily need to one-shot every telemarketing attempt just be successful. In fact, there are statistics which suggest that the response rate actually rises to a certain degree before falling back down. It only goes to show that perhaps the best telemarketing solution is not that of a sniper’s or a gunslinger’s but somewhere between both.

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Signs of an Ailing Software Lead Generation Campaign

Any software company that has plans to increase profits must surely consider increasing their client-base first. Without new clients, there would be no new business transactions, and that means no increase in profits. Long-term business contracts are great, but new ones are even better. That is why lead generation is often a priority of many software companies that seek to grow their business.

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