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Getting B2B Marketers Out of the March Mainstream

The month of March has been buzzing with a lot of things. You got NCAA March Madness. There was also the Oscars earlier this week. And of course, you can’t forget spring break!

Sadly B2B marketers remain stuck out of this mainstream which can be problematic when constantly trying to target active markets. There are perhaps a select few B2B markets that are prepped for your lead generation campaign but are they enough?

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Can B2B Marketing Catch A Break During Spring?

For B2B professionals and sales reps, March seems like another one of those months with a lot of “average days.”  But for college students, it’s party time because spring break is coming their way.

What’s the big deal right? You got meetings to go, leads to qualify, sales to make…  It’s not like your 20 anymore and not everybody’s Mark Zuckerberg. On the bright side though, certain B2B markets are more active during vacation periods like Spring Break. If your business caters to any of these, now would be a good time to start a campaign and provide them with the services they might need to make the most of spring break.

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