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How Minds at Leisure Generate B2B Marketing Content

You’d probably had this happen to you at least once when you were a kid. The day’s hot, the lecture’s long, and all of a sudden your teacher yells at you for letting your mind wander. Obviously it’s a clear case of the boredom bug.

But in the world of B2B marketing, sometimes that bug leads you to your next big idea. It’s like being called by that same teacher except you end up giving the correct answer. How is this possible? Maybe it’s because some people get better ideas in an unlikely context.

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Getting Sales Leads for Specialty Offers

Like all holiday seasons, summer’s full of special occasions. Birthdays. Beaches. Blowouts. It’s the time of year when many industries get to offer specialty products and packages for vacation-ready customers.

But in B2B markets, similar demand can still help generate sales leads. Plenty of people need a lot of down time without necessarily losing their work focus. That opens up a lot of needs that are more or less B2B (from catering to your typical company BBQ to temporary outsourcing).

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