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Telemarketing Tips – Avoid Using It Like A Henchman

When you are using telemarketing in conjunction with event marketing, there are times when businesses use it in the same way classic villains use henchmen after inviting their own ‘investors.’ Obviously, that does not sound good and in fact, their telemarketing counterparts in real life will bring you nothing but trouble. But what exactly are these counterparts and how do you avoid using telemarketing that way by accident?

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5 Proven Remedies for Bad Telemarketing Data

A recent Experian QAS report shows that as much as 94% of companies think there’s something wrong with the marketing data they’re storing. That’s a very large percentage, and it certainly raises the possibility that your business is part of this group too. Can you even imagine the havoc bad data could wreak on something as precise and coordinated as your targeted outbound telemarketing campaigns?

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Inbound Telemarketing Tips – How To Not Be Like ACME

If you loved watching Road Runner, you will know what ACME is. And if you have used inbound telemarketing, that company is actually the last thing you would want to be. Sure, the company’s products seem outlandish and funny but you will not be laughing if your telemarketing services treat your customers like Wile E. Coyote.

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