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Telemarketing Tips – Good Intentions Must Be Made Clear

The 4th of July represents everything about American freedom. But for some B2B marketers, Facebook’s recent mishandling of its secret psychological experiment might be the biggest ironic slap in the holiday’s history (alongside fears of a government probe).

That’s not without good reason which is why you should never make the same mistake that the social network did: being unclear about its good intentions. This applies to online research as well as research that uses more traditional forms of customer engagement like telemarketing.

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The Biases Beneath Outsourced Telemarketing Services

When you go to an auto shop, you outsource doing your own oil changes. When you get a salon, you are outsourcing a job you could do yourself. It’s the same when you hire gardeners to do your yard.

It’s funny how, two to three generations ago, such ideas were unheard of.

Our grandparents all did their own gardening and other chores so why aren’t we?  It’s simply because someone else can do it better than us and does it more cheaply than we ever could.

In other cases, we just don’t want to do it but acknowledge that certain tasks need to be taken care of. The only reason why we’ve never called it ‘outsourcing’ is because it’s simple, so common. We take it for granted. But the truth is, that’s what outsourcing really looks like when you shrink it down.

Hence, it’s really strange why it created so many stereotypes. Maybe it’s just normal. May be it’s human. After all, it’s not exactly easy assessing hundreds or even thousands of different kinds of differently cultured personality types without offending anybody. Continue reading…

Using Telemarketing Services to Share What Prospects Don’t Know

As we are in the information age, businesses are now more in a race to beat prospects at the knowledge game compared to their competitors. It’s one reason why direct marketing tactics like email, direct mail, and telemarketing are facing a tremendous challenge in particular. How do you beat someone who looks up every resource possible before you do? Whether its search engines or social media influences, gone are the days when you can underestimate the knowledge that reaches prospect ears.

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Telemarketing For Things That People Hate

Why would you use telemarketing to promote something everybody hates? It sounds more like a cash burner and a nutjob’s way of killing his/her own business. The truth though is that while the reasons are few, they are all very good reasons for why you should use telemarketing for them.

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Telemarketing Tips – Know When To Let Yourself In

One of the things that people hate most about telemarketing is that it is intrusive. However, there can be times when you have to let yourself in during telemarketing campaigns. Make no mistake, it is still wrong to intrude on a prospect but only if it is without sufficient reason. It can be an entirely different thing when your telemarketing calls are being ignored right after being asked for.

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Inbound Telemarketing Tips – How To Not Be Like ACME

If you loved watching Road Runner, you will know what ACME is. And if you have used inbound telemarketing, that company is actually the last thing you would want to be. Sure, the company’s products seem outlandish and funny but you will not be laughing if your telemarketing services treat your customers like Wile E. Coyote.

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The Cold Hard Truth in Doing Business Lead Generation

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lead generation, B2B telemarketing, sales leads, lead generation company, sales lead generation, business leads, IT leads, software leads, merchant services leads, health leads, cleaning leadsBy starting and running a business, you open yourself to a whole new world of opportunities. These opportunities can either help you succeed or, sadly, lead you to your downfall. If you play your cards right, however, you just may find yourself going down the path of being a successful business owner. If you want to bring your company to a profitable state, you may soon enough wrap your head around doing business lead generation. Once you do though, you may start getting some dreams of grandeur.

Dreaming big about your business, however, isn’t a bad thing. In fact, having such a goal will only help you think of ideas to help spur your company up the ladder. The problem is that when it comes to running a business failure is always around the corner. Being a business owner means that you are going to have to make decisions, and those decisions will either bring about positive or negative effects. Success, of course, will mean good things for your company. Failure, sadly, may just throw you back a few notches down that ladder you’re climbing. Continue reading…

Attributes of Reliable Database Management Services

database management servicesMost companies use a contact database to which they use whenever they try and get in touch with potential and existing clientèle. While proven to be effective at times, this marketing tool can be similar to a knife – use it too much or too little and it will become unusable. It is because of this very reason that companies turn to reliable database management services to aid them in making sure that every bit of information located in the business list is correct.

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Content Plays A Key Role in Generating Telemarketing Leads

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telemarketing leads, telemarketing services, lead generationInbound marketing produces the best type of leads in that prospects that are generated from inbound marketing tactics just seem to be more interested than prospects that we still need to nudge just so they notice us. These types of leads, however, are not so easy to come by. Often enough, we have to wait a long amount of time just so that we acquire them.

For telemarketing firms, acquiring inbound marketing is quite difficult as there is already a very saturated market for telemarketing. Also, other businesses do not really consider the use of telemarketing as part of their marketing methods. So just how can a telemarketing company generate more telemarketing leads through inbound marketing?

If we’re talking about generating telemarketing leads through inbound marketing means, then the best way to attract potential prospects is through content! As part of inbound marketing and how to generate leads from it, many marketers claim that content is king and that high-quality content draws in plenty of readers and interest, as well as generates good leads. So for a telemarketing company to generate more telemarketing leads through content, how can they capitalize on it? Continue reading…

Important Lessons in Running a Telemarketing Company

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telemarketing, lead generation company, telemarketing servicesIn running a business, there are many things that we face up against. Business owners often ask themselves how their company can succeed. Certainly enough, such a question isn’t one you can answer with over a single night. One thing that business owners always ask themselves is “How can I make my business succeed?”, the same question has always been around for as far as we can remember. However, when you run a telemarketing company, how you can achieve success may not just be about making a profit and being able to serve big clients.

Measuring our success should not be about the money we make, neither should it be about how much we have grown our companies (although they do count). In order to gauge just how successful you have made your company, you need to see if you have met your goals. Now if your ambition is just to make money, rest assured you’ll have plenty of chances to do that, but how about something more? Is cold hard cash all that really important or do you envision something far greater for your company?

Even a mere telemarketing company can rise to far greater heights. It’s not always just about making the big bucks and serving big-time corporate giants. Want to really succeed? Here are some important lessons to help you out.

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