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5 B2B Sales Call Elements that Swifts through the Prospects  


Every B2B marketing activity leads up to one thing –a phone call. Not surprisingly, reps that have the best phone skills are almost always the most successful. Being successful in this matter requires best technique and practice. Moreover, B2B tele prospecting is a tough job and that is to connect and set some time with business people.

There is one thing I learned from listening to thousands of calls every day and that is –whatever tool you are using to engage with prospects be it –email, lead nurturing, content, social media alert etc. It all ends in one media and that is call where relationship are forged or lost forever. Continue reading…

Telemarketing: Nasty Phrases a Telemarketer can Say to a Prospect

Warren Greshes, author of The Best Damn Sales Book Ever quoted:

“Sales is a rejection. Plain and Simple”

The difference between weak and strong sales representative is how they react with rejection. First, the worst sales reps, after rejection, will walk around the building to recover from the situation. The second one will recover right away after rejection just like nothing happened. Continue reading…

Telemarketing: How to get a sale “like a Boss”

Sealing the deal is likely to be the main objective of telemarketers. Some usually go beyond of what they are expected to do while some will just leave it to lady luck. But what makes closing successful is trying to be and act like you are the boss of the company.


Everyone respects a boss that shows leadership, initiative and trust towards its employees. Plus, they have complete knowledge of the company. So why not act like a boss for once when you’re trying to seal the deal. As a former telemarketer, I could tell you one thing that makes telemarketing fun and worthwhile, and that’s to persuade and interact with clients or prospects.

Continue reading…

7 effective ways to make your prospects comfortable with you

Sales are essential to business, without being able to sell, businesses can’t gain clients.

Being able to get prospects to lower their guard and sell them your services means that you are able to make your prospect feel comfortable with you. And this is one thing that marketers should do, make your prospects feel comfortable.

But of course, you can’t really make them feel comfortable if you can’t make them trust you. Remember that trust is hard to come by, let alone that you just only met through phone or the day before.

Continue reading…

Knowing the right time: Appointment Setting

One and the most difficult task a marketer may face, is the dreaded Appointment Setting. Every marketer assigned to do this task often panics and feel lightheaded, who wouldn’t be? When it’s the second to last of sealing a sales deal.  

How can we set an appointment when we often receive responses such as “I’m not interested” or “Would you call again next week?” for some reasons, it seems that we are being avoided. Well, it’s not a surprise if we receive such response. Why? Because we are calling them  at a bad time

Continue reading…

Telemarketing: A dying strategy?

Will Telemarketing End?

“Celebrate as phoning customers will soon end, for it is intrusive and outdated”

I’ve read an article just a while ago stating that Telemarketing is a dying tactic. But is it?

Cited by Gary Mortimer from QUT Business school

“It’s all about big data… it’s all about digital”

Continue reading…

Facing the doubts of outbound telemarketing

Have you ever receive a phone call that is directly for you? You might be surprised to know that it’s not a random call, but you are purposely contacted by an outbound telemarketer. Companies might got your information from the web.

One of those phone call might be for a credit card subscription, where they will ask if you’re willing to avail their credit card subscription.

Continue reading…

Don’t imagine impossible scene in B2B leads

“Nothing ever happens like you imagine it will”
― John GreenPaper Towns

John Green, the author of the famous book “The Fault in Our Stars” will showcase his second film based on his book “Paper Town” Green published six books and maybe all of those six will be on the big screen, and i hope it will.

In the eyes of Margo, the heroine in Paper Town, Nothing goes as you wished. Well, in reality there’s a chance that what you imagine will happen. it’s just that, people now-a-days imagine fictional scenarios and some just imagine, they never moved from imagining.

Continue reading…

Telemarketing Tips – Good Intentions Must Be Made Clear

The 4th of July represents everything about American freedom. But for some B2B marketers, Facebook’s recent mishandling of its secret psychological experiment might be the biggest ironic slap in the holiday’s history (alongside fears of a government probe).

That’s not without good reason which is why you should never make the same mistake that the social network did: being unclear about its good intentions. This applies to online research as well as research that uses more traditional forms of customer engagement like telemarketing.

Continue reading…

Lead Generation Tips – When One Question Leads to Many

You’ve seen this development before. What seems like a simple question is in fact a long list of them packaged into one. From asking why the sky is blue to what’s the perfect steak, experts always end up breaking them down to asking the specifics.

This is actually a very good habit and one you should develop in your own B2B lead generation strategy. Whether it’s defining a lead or educating a prospect, breaking down one question into many gives you more time and more opportunities to grow prospect interest.

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