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B2B Telemarketing Tips – Spot Poorly Maintained Conversations

One more reason why people think telemarketing loses out to the internet and social media is the number of respondents. Think of it like this, you have a particular office problem (glitchy servers, messy accounting documents, or even just dirty toilets). What gets you more advice from more people? Is it the single telemarketer or the thousands of users online who’ve had and resolved similar problems?

At first glance, you might think that crowdsourcing the response would win out. The reality though? Some problems are best solved via a dedication conversation.

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B2B Marketing Tips –Sending A Message to Vacationing CEOs

No doubt summer means a lot of sun and travel for many, including CEOs.  Forget pricy air travel, gassing up the family car, expensive hotels, or even VIP security concerns. Plenty CEOs have found ways to avoid such worries when they travel.

You can tell by the way they’d just check their email once a day and expect themselves and everyone else to stick to it. Anything like an emergency meeting is strictly limited from filling up their calendar.

After all, vacations are the ultimate reset button, offering respite from all the company politics and rat racing. That’s why they want a clear line between a real break and a fancy business trip. It only makes sense that they’d want B2B marketers to also respect that distinction even if they’re willing to hear your offer while they’re sipping cocktails on a yacht.

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The Biases Beneath Outsourced Telemarketing Services

When you go to an auto shop, you outsource doing your own oil changes. When you get a salon, you are outsourcing a job you could do yourself. It’s the same when you hire gardeners to do your yard.

It’s funny how, two to three generations ago, such ideas were unheard of.

Our grandparents all did their own gardening and other chores so why aren’t we?  It’s simply because someone else can do it better than us and does it more cheaply than we ever could.

In other cases, we just don’t want to do it but acknowledge that certain tasks need to be taken care of. The only reason why we’ve never called it ‘outsourcing’ is because it’s simple, so common. We take it for granted. But the truth is, that’s what outsourcing really looks like when you shrink it down.

Hence, it’s really strange why it created so many stereotypes. Maybe it’s just normal. May be it’s human. After all, it’s not exactly easy assessing hundreds or even thousands of different kinds of differently cultured personality types without offending anybody. Continue reading…

Telemarketing Tips – A Serious Lesson from A Joker’s Holiday

It’s kind of a joke in of itself that April Fools’ isn’t really a holiday but everyone treats it like one. However, pranks and publicity stunts aside, it can teach your telemarketing campaigns a serious lesson.

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Telemarketing Tips – Ride on the Smaller Trends

For most people, telemarketing is anything but trendy. But for B2B marketers, not even the new trends of social and email have completely eliminated the importance of a live phone conversation.

Still, that’s not without any major effort on the part of telemarketers. Like other lead generators, they need to know what’s happening in prospect industries so they can tailor relevant messages. And like them, they face the same challenge when there doesn’t seem to be any particular trend at the moment.

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Migrations in The B2B Telemarketing Industry

As Steve Irwin would say, “Crikey!” Birds aren’t the only things that have been migrating lately as call centers are flocking elsewhere. What has prompted this? It’s the changes in an environment that could even be bigger than the B2B telemarketing industry.

But what exactly are these changes and how exactly have they drastically changed the behavior patterns of call center companies? Let’s take a look and find out.

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How Lead Generation Campaigns Benefit from Smaller Audience

Apparently, there are other things to appreciate about the Superbowl asides from just football. Heck, if you’re in the marketing profession, you’ll know that the Superbowl ads are another interesting highlight of the event. After all, it’s a well-known fact that millions of dollars are spent all just for a few minutes of advertising during the big game.

It’s not as hard to believe when you consider the eyeballs. But more to the point, the huge turnout of the event can sometimes be the envy of other marketers who wished they had just as big an audience. How would you like a Superbowl size attendance for your webinar or tradeshow? Although, does this mean that lead generation campaigns have nothing to gain from anything less?

You’d be surprised.

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Advanced Lead Generation from Advanced Tech

At CES, in the Hard Rock hotel, producers of the Digital Health Summit, Living in Digital Times and Silicon Valley Robotics organized Robotics in the Runway. However, while you could find the robotics industry across all floors at CES, it is still plenty years away from producing consumer technology. The majority of the presented robots don’t even look the part in the eyes of general public.

They however, represent something greater: new developments in the B2B markets. Improving robotics is just one sign that companies must brace for new ways to market themselves as much as create new products.

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