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Digging Deep Before Closing A Sale

What’s the one word that closes more sales? If you ask Grant Cardone of Cardone Enterprises, it’s the word ‘why’.

Looking at his examples though, it’s natural if you believe it’s slightly reminiscent of that annoyingly curious kid who never stops asking.

That doesn’t mean he doesn’t drive a stronger point behind the word. That point being the depth you have to plunge in order to understand a prospect.

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How to Get Millennial Sales Reps to Start Using the Phone

If you’ve been around millennial reps long enough, it’s not hard to see how smart and motivated they can be. But it’s also quite painfully obvious how little they’re using the phone for prospecting. They’re basically overlooking a crucial part of the sales process this way. Fortunately, it’s not impossible for you to get these kids picking up the phone again and grabbing sales opportunities as they should.

A recent article on the Wall Street Journal reports on this growing trend and its effects in the workplace. No one else is feeling the consequences of lesser phone use more than sales organizations. According to one sales manager, this tendency among younger employees is partly to be blamed for lost sales opportunities and incidents of miscommunication. That’s why more and more bosses are telling millennial workers to ‘get off email and pick up the phone.’

But telling them to pick up the phone is one thing; making them actually do it is another. It’s going to take more than sending out a mere memo. Millennials are by no means naturally disobedient or lazy. It’s just because they have a wholly different mindset than, say, baby boomers. You’re just going to need a different approach when motivating them to give teleprospecting a chance. Here are four ideas to help get you started:

1. Relate sales calls to the bigger picture. Renowned leadership expert Jenna Goudreau says the key to motivating millennial employees is to explain how their responsibilities fit into some grand scheme. Millennials are more likely to do something when they can get a clear sense of purpose from it. So, see to it that you fully explain how prospecting by phone is part of the sales process and ultimately how it relates to your entire business model as well.

2. Train them with their careers in mind. Millennials are notoriously impatient when it comes to career advancement, grabbing every opportunity they can to rise through the ranks in the shortest possible time. If you can show your younger reps that having great phone prospecting skills is vital for a successful sales career, you’re halfway done getting them to happily ring up prospects and customers.

3. Make sure there’s collaboration involved. This article says one effective way to encourage millennials is to let them do things more collaboratively with others. Your younger reps are probably relishing the fact that they’re part of the inside sales team, and it’s now your job to convince them that teleprospecting can actually be a team endeavor.

4. Don’t separate them from their toys. Millennials grew up in a time when technology changed so rapidly that their birthdays were probably marked by one groundbreaking innovation after another. This is probably why traditional tools like the telephone most likely don’t ring a bell (literally) among your younger sales reps. But tradition and technology aren’t mutually exclusive. The idea here is to let your millennial staff use the tools they’re comfortable with to carry out teleprospecting.

There’s really no need to put a least on what makes millenials what they are. All they need is more motivation and understanding about engaging prospects over the phone. Share these ideas the next time you sit down with them and you may even come up with newer ways to use a phone call.


Bring Your Business to Life With B2B Telemarketing

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B2B telemarketing, teleprospecting, lead generation telemarketingA business that is not making a large enough of a profit to sustain its operations suffers from a serious problem: a lack of sales. When there is a lack of sales, it means that your company is not doing well and may eventually die out. Now, who as a self-respecting businessman would want his business to go down the drain? I am guessing definitely not you. However, we can never absolutely prevent such problems from arising. When your business problems stem from a lack of leads, perhaps it is time to consider looking at other ways to find prospects, one of which is the B2B telemarketing approach.

Using the phone for marketing can bring about plenty of results. Well, that can actually only happen when you have properly planned your campaign. The thing is that not everyone knows how to execute a good B2B telemarketing campaign. As such, it is quite difficult to be assured that even using this approach will guarantee that you get positive results for your business. So to speak, taking this method is like a risk of its own; you are not guaranteed that you will see positive figures in the future.

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B2B Telemarketing Tips & Tricks – Following-Up With Prospects

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b2b telemarketing, teleprospecting, lead generation telemarketing, telemarketingGenerating leads through B2B telemarketing is something that many businesses do. For some, telemarketing serves to bey their key lead generator, and therefore their primary source of sales. With a successful telemarketing campaign comes not only sales and leads, but it also serves to allow you to get in contact with targets far beyond your normal reach had you not chosen to use B2B telemarketing as part of your marketing tactics.

When you do teleprospecting however, you cannot expect everyone to give an immediate reply to your offers. You will most likely be generating plenty of appointments, however you will also be find that there will be prospects who are a bit undecided on which course of action they should take when you first give them a call. Some will tell you that the reason why they cannot come to a decision is that because they do not have the proper authority, others will tell you that it is because they are busy and do not have room in their current schedule to discuss further with you.

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The Top 3 Ways To Kill Your Telemarketing Campaign

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telemarketing, lead generation telemarketing, teleprospectingUsing telemarketing as part of your marketing campaign can be a good thing… however, it can also kill it. That is all dependent on how you do it though. There is a right way to do B2B telemarketing, and there is also a wrong way to do it. So for today we are going to look at a few things that can kill your campaign so you can hopefully avoid doing them, or if you already have your campaign going, so that you can rectify any problems at hand.

A lead generation telemarketing campaign thrives on performance. It does not just survive on its own. If you do not conduct yourself accordingly (or your telemarketers), then your campaign is not going to have a very successful run. As such, here are the top three ways for you to kill your telemarketing campaign:

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How to: Do Telemarketing Like A Pro

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telemarketing, teleprospecting, cold callingAs a company, you want to look, sound, and be professional. As a business, you want to make a profit. When you do telemarketing, you want to look, sound, be professional AND make a profit while doing so. The things is that… not everyone knows how to plan and execute highly effective campaigns. That being the case, even if telemarketing is a results-producing marketing move, it’s not going to get you anywhere if you don’t know how to plan your telemarketing campaign.

Speaking of calling campaigns, lead generation that is done through telemarketing is one of the most highly effective methods of generating prospects. This is all brought to you through B2B appointment setting. But why appointment setting? Well, that’s because we can always refer to the simple equation that…

Appointment setting = appointments; Appointments = prospects; Prospects = sales

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How to: Do Follow-Ups With Your Lead Generation Telemarketing Campaign

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lead generation telemarketing, outbound call center, teleprospecingWhen engaging in lead generation telemarketing, it is always good to have a way to follow-up with the leads that you’ve generated from cold calling. Doing so allows you to secure the interest of your B2B leads, and allows you to gauge where you are along the sales cycle. If they respond positively to your emails, then you’ll know that they express a genuine form of interest in what products and services you offer, as well as find out whether that interest will lead them into the buying process. If they do not respond positively, or stay neutral to your emails, then you’ll know that it’s time for you to either not pursue your prospect, or to step it up and make another type of offer.

In the above paragraph, we mentioned email. True enough, email seems to be one of the best ways to follow-up with your B2B prospects. This is because email is quick, also because that it is more convenient than having to pick up the phone for another talk with one of your sales reps. However, we also have other forms of doing follow-ups with your leads, such as just making another call. So if you’re doing lead generation through telemarketing, then here are a few tips for you in doing lead follow-up:

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Shameless Marketing Tactics That a Telemarketing Company Can Employ

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lead generation telemarketing, teleprospecting, telemarketing companyDigging around the internet for different kind of things has always been helpful to people. It can help pass the time, alleviate boredom, and even spur ideas forward. Well, this time, all that surfing and digging has directed us to an infographic which can be found at Hubspot. You can see the post here.

So, ever wondered why your lead generation efforts aren’t exactly going as smoothly as you planned? Maybe you’ve thought it all up in your head and envisioned some kind of success story, however in the world of business that isn’t always how the cookie crumbles (thank you Jim Carrey). That being said, maybe it’s time you consider making use of some “shameless” marketing tactics. Well, they’ve worked for others. Who’s to say it won’t go the same way for you?

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Social Media Marketing Tips – Social Network Tips & Tricks

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lead generation telemarketing, teleprospectingIn our last blog entry, we talked about how you can improve teleprospecting results through engaging your business contacts using social media. So, in light of that, the topic of this blog post will be about social networks for business. After all, what’s a social media marketer to do if he/she didn’t even know the best places to be on? It’s like your a person who’s prospecting for gold but isn’t even close to a gold mine!

Let’s talk business! Wait… you’re on a social network. Should you even be talking in a business-like manner? It’s this question which many social media marketers fail to ask themselves, and thus end up seeing less than desired results from their social media marketing campaigns. As such, we present to you some of the top social networks and how a marketer should utilize them to get results they want.

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Teleprospecting Tips – How To Improve Results Through Engaging Business Contacts

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Cold Calling to Engage Contacts

lead generation telemarketing, lead generation, teleprospecting, telemarketing

Cold calling isn’t called what it is just to give it a fancy business name. It’s called as such because calls are made at random and with no prior notification to prospects. As one method to finding more opportunities, lead generation telemarketing is indeed a very effective approach to employ. However, when it comes to teleprospecting, the effectiveness of such methods can be improved through engaging with prospects before contact is made.

It’s a good idea to connect with your prospects before you start doing telemarketing for lead generation. Fortunately, you can do this through an assortment of ways. So, let’s take a look at what you can possibly do and some tips as well:

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