In any high-tech companies, you’ve decided to invest in an inside sales team to surface new sales opportunities and qualify leads. Just as many of those same companies, you’ve done the research on your options – outsourcing, insourcing, or a hybrid.  You’ve decided to go down the outsourcing path in order to ramp up as quickly as possible.

The rest is easy, correct?

But not so fast. You are now faced with a pile of outsourced inside sales firms, and choosing the wrong one can cost you time, money, and credibility.

Top 4 Questions to Ask Outsourced Inside Sales Providers

Here are the top four questions you should be asking as you conduct due diligence on your potential inside sales providers:

  1. Once your potential partner gets good staff, how will it keep them?

Remember to ask how your partner will keep good people once it lands them. Outsourced inside Sales typically sees a lot of churn. Would your partner will going to embrace it or pretend it’s not happening? Your outsourced inside sales provider should have a mechanic for managing turnover that is built into the company’s model, and should utilized a steep career scope as a growth plan for their staff. A good outsourced inside sales company should use career growth on the recruiting plan to attract high-caliber inside sales talent to their firm.

  1. What type of training does your potential partner offer its inside sales reps?

An outsourced inside sales company that provides an ongoing sales training program, as opposed to a one-time event, will produce higher quality sales representatives. Not all training is made equal, however. Of course, you want the reps assigned to your account to be well versed on your company and its solutions, but you will reap even more significant benefits from reps who receive ongoing training on selling tactics, skills, and strategies from seasoned, successful leaders.

Also look at whether the company offers a mentorship program. These programs often lead to employees who learn faster and stay with their companies longer, which is key, as inside sales has a high turnover rate.

  1. How much management will you need to do yourself?

You shouldn’t have to devote hours and hours to managing your outsourced inside sales team. Your partner should have a strong manager who communicates with you on a regular schedule, say on a weekly basis, giving you time to focus on what you do best. Ask who your contact will be, and what kind of regular communication you will receive from him or her, including reports and meetings.

  1. Is your potential outsourced inside sales provider a specialist or a generalist?

If you’re looking for an outsourced inside sales firm to generate quality leads for your company, its representatives need to truly understand your industry. A company that works only in the B2B space, whose reps receive specialized training in a particular industry, like high tech, or a vertical, like health care, will be much more successful and knowledgeable than a company trying to sell everything to anyone and everyone — because selling multi-million dollar software solutions to the federal government is different than selling office supplies to a small business.  Be wary if someone tells you they can sell everything to everyone.

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